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Matton's Textspace™ tool enables you to find images that are suitable for text placement. This tool is especially useful for Art Directors who may wish to build and advert that contains an image with copy text.

How does it work?:

1. Using the grid above (with the dog image) click the areas you wish to find suitable Textspace™. You can click multiple boxes to build a larger area. For example if you would like to find images that have a large space for text at the top of the image, click the first 6 boxes. You can also uncheck boxes by clicking them again.

2. Enter a keyword and make a search (tip: you can also combine Textspace™ with other filters)

3. The images shown will match your keyword and the Textspace™ profile you chose.
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Tip: You can limit your search to a single supplier or select multiple suppliers by using the following keys, (Mac Users:) hold down Command, (PC Users:) hold down Ctrl and then click multiple names.

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Search Tips

To ensure a more successful search, please review the following search tips.

Common Problems

1. Search Filters - Remove any that you may have applied.
2. Misspellings & Typos - Double check for any that you may have made.
3. Trademarks - Avoid using these and try searching with generic terms.

Search Methods

Single images, can be searched by keyword or by image number.

CDs, can be searched by CD name, keyword, CD number. Please ensure that you have selected the "CDs" section.

Advanced Search Methods

You can use the following in a search:

AND, will search for images that have both given words, for example woman AND business will search for images that have both woman and business as keywords.

OR, will search for images that have either word, for example happy OR sad will search for images that have either happy or sad as keywords.

NOT, will search for images that do not have a given word, for example woman NOT child will search for images that have woman and not child as keywords. You can also use (-) instead of NOT, this will yield the same results.

*, (known as a wildcard), will search for parts of words, for example searching for busi* will show images that any of the following keywords; business, businesses, business woman, business man, etc. To use this function you must use at least 3 characters, for example bu* will not work.

....(partial search), will search for partial words, for example searching for 3...RKT will show images that have 3 at the beginning and RKT at the end, i.e. 343001RKT.JPG, 343138RKT.JPG, 343086RKT.JPG, etc.

Mixing methods, you can combine any of these advanced search methods. For example searching for wom* NOT child* will show images that have woman, women, etc without child, children, etc.

Search Filters

Filters, clicking the filters / history link under the search box opens a set of filters. These can be used to search within a specific image brand, price, size, orientation, colour format. You can also filter search results using the in-page filters once you have made a search.

Can't find what you are looking for?

If you continue to encounter problems with your search results, please try the following:

1. Images by Category
2. Our Image Sitemap
3. Our Image Help section

Or visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with a representative.

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