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Matton's Textspace™ tool enables you to find images that are suitable for text placement. This tool is especially useful for Art Directors who may wish to build and advert that contains an image with copy text.

How does it work?:

1. Using the grid above (with the dog image) click the areas you wish to find suitable Textspace™. You can click multiple boxes to build a larger area. For example if you would like to find images that have a large space for text at the top of the image, click the first 6 boxes. You can also uncheck boxes by clicking them again.

2. Enter a keyword and make a search (tip: you can also combine Textspace™ with other filters)

3. The images shown will match your keyword and the Textspace™ profile you chose.
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Royalty free image: Herring, snaps

Royalty free image: Vast peaceful landscape with trees against clear sky

Royalty free image: Smoked salmon

Royalty free image: Woman drinking wine

Royalty free image: Close-up of Christmas sweets by the window

Royalty free image: View over Hong Kong from Victoria Peak, China.

Royalty free image: Destroyed train stop shelter

Royalty free image: Woman with two kids preparing traditional saffron buns in the kitchen at home

Royalty free image: Young woman talking in her phone at a Café

Royalty free image: Woman sitting on tractor against the sun and clear sky

Royalty free image: Yellow taxi driving over Manhattan Bridge, New York City, New York, USA

is09b82g1 [RF]
Image Source

Royalty free image: Portrait of young woman leaning against wall, smiling

is09b828a [RF]
Image Source

Royalty free image: Man with feet on table texting on smartphone

is09b81wv [RF]
Image Source

Royalty free image: Young businessman explaining at boardroom table

is09b81jz [RF]
Image Source

Royalty free image: Young woman in rural setting, exercising, stretching

is09b814i [RF]
Image Source

Royalty free image: Multi-generation family at table outdoors

pe0080351 [RF]
OJO Images

Royalty free image: Businesswoman at desk in water with paperwork floating away

pe0020913 [RF]
OJO Images

Royalty free image: Woman in convertible car in driveway

pe0057593 [RF]
OJO Images

Royalty free image: Christmas tree surrounded with gifts

pe0069342 [RF]
OJO Images

Royalty free image: Christmas gifts with silver ribbon

168681068 [RF]
OJO Images

Royalty free image: Young man using smart phone

faa111000389 [RF]

Royalty free image: Children playing outdoors

faa111000226 [RF]

Royalty free image: Lettuces growing in garden

faa111000063 [RF]

Royalty free image: Little girl washing car

faa111000517 [RF]

Royalty free image: Man talking into speakerphone on mobile phone

faa111000354 [RF]

Royalty free image: Circular shape on seascape surface

is09b88df [RF]
Cultura Images

Royalty free image: Portrait of young woman with long hair amongst foliage, Kotor, Montenegro

is09b884f [RF]
Cultura Images

Royalty free image: Businesswomen at meeting

is09b82hx [RF]
Cultura Images

Royalty free image: Woman on beach bending sideways arms raised in yoga position

is09b8234 [RF]
Cultura Images

Royalty free image: Man turning dimmer switch

is09b81ta [RF]
Cultura Images

Royalty free image: Couple matching blueprint with color swatch

ky445033 [RF]

Royalty free image: Woman eating corn on the cob

ky203031 [RF]

Royalty free image: Man sitting on the floor with his wife reading a book in the background

kyu1019 [RF]

Royalty free image: Male doctor explaining a medical record to a female patient

ky168083 [RF]

Royalty free image: Close-up of a woman's eyes

ky236041 [RF]

Royalty free image: A family having a break on an allotment

lv14355050 [RF]
I Love Images

Royalty free image: A young couple sitting on deckchairs in St James Park, looking at a map

lv15350062 [RF]
I Love Images

Royalty free image: A businessman jumping at the top of stairs

lv0080008a [RF]
I Love Images

Royalty free image: Woman serving food to surprised friends at dinner table

zef14435 [RF]

Royalty free image: Three friends having a rooftop party

uuf11462 [RF]

Royalty free image: Family portrait of happy couple with baby boy sitting on blanket in the garden

spff00005 [RF]

Royalty free image: Cloudscape at twilight

yaa036000017 [RF]
Zen Shui

Royalty free image: Using laptop outdoors

daa085000349 [RF]
Zen Shui

Royalty free image: Masterwort (astrantia) flowers

daa027000003 [RF]
Zen Shui

Royalty free image: Blue Agapanthus in bloom; Astoria, Oregon, United States of America

dp12388235 [RF]
Design Pics

Royalty free image: The Statue Of Dante Alighieri, Located Near To Basilica Of Santa Croce; Florence, Tuscany, Italy

dp12331416 [RF]
Design Pics

Royalty free image: Clownfish (Amphiprioninae) In Anenome; Moalboal, Cebu, Central Visayas, Philippines

dp12330742 [RF]
Design Pics

Royalty free image: Human organs in box, illustration

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